When did you join Blackman & Sloop?

August 2023


Why did you choose Blackman & Sloop?

I chose Blackman and Sloop because I love the environment here. It feels like a big family. Everyone is welcoming and also hard working. It feels great to be a part of a team that is positive and proud of their work and company.


What are your favorite ways to practice positivity?

I love to check in periodically with everyone and offer my help to anyone who needs a hand. I make sure that people here know that I am available as a friend as well.


Which one of Blackman & Sloop’s 31 Fundamentals resonates the most with you and why?

My favorite fundamental value is to Embrace Change and Growth. Things are changing in the office and in the world constantly. Especially when it comes to software and everyone here is prepared and willing to take on any challenge. That is an important quality to have if you want to have a harmonious work place.


What do you like most about living in North Carolina?

I love that we can go to the city and be around a lot of people but also go to a farm and be still with nature. I love that we can drive to the beach rather quickly but also enjoy the mountains. I like how many people have and will move here because of all that North Carolina offers. Having people from all over the world means we get to enjoy authentic foods and culture at home.