With tax season finally behind us, we move into the holiday and end of the year season. 2020 will certainly be a year to remember. Check out what our team has been up to since our last newsletter.

Promotions and New Hires: 

In July, we welcomed new hires Leah Wells, Tax Associate, and Yusif Al-yemeni, Audit Associate.

Leah Wells Yusif Al-yemeni

Congratulations to the following for their recent promotions: Laura Bennett was promoted to Tax Manager, Christy Fasciana was promoted to Business Advisory Services Manager, Dauer Lewis and Kari Bohning were promoted to Senior Audit Associate.

Volunteerism/Community Events

This year we are participating in a week-long event of service. The firm collected donations for TABLE. TABLE is a non-profit organization that provides hunger relief and nutrition education services to children living in Orange County, North Carolina.

TABLE Donation TABLE DonationTABLE Donation

Office Happenings:

Our staff has been enjoying Virtual Happy Hours, trivia contests, and even a social-distanced Halloween celebration to  have fun and stay connected with one another.


On October 26, we kicked off the “Stride to Thrive” challenge. During this six-week challenge, we’ll be adding physical activity to our daily routines in order to strive to achieve weekly activity minute goals.

Stride to Thrive is a new initiative that’s part of our CPA (Continued Personal Achievement) Wellness Program. The challenge runs now through December 6, 2020. We hope to inspire our employees to get more active as the cold weather and holidays creep in, a time when we tend to lead more sedentary lifestyles.

Continuing Our Work Safely: Our offices remain closed to the public and much of our staff works within a remote environment. The healthy safety of our team and our clients is of the utmost importance to the firm. We are committed to completing our engagements in the safest manner possible and will continue to follow all necessary safety precautions.

HOLIDAY CLOSING UPDATE: In order to spend time with our families for the holidays, Blackman & Sloop will be closed on the following days:  December 24 – December 29,  and January 1, 2021.

Employee News (Births, marriages, anniversaries, birthdays):

Christy Fasciana got married on June 21! Congratulations to Christy and Jeff!

Christy Fasciana

Work Anniversaries:

  • Carla Daniel, 37 years on 6/30
  • Candy Kirby, 36 years on 7/30
  • Andrea Eason, 27 years on 7/19
  • Rob Lewis, 22 years on 8/17
  • Deetra Watson, 15 years on 8/1
  • Ben Johnson, 8 years on 8/27
  • Joe Beaudin, 6 years on 8/29
  • Alesia Husband, 6 years on 10/27
  • Dauer Lewis, 5 years on 6/16
  • Paige Otos, 5 years on 8/3
  • Tyler Chambers, 4 years on 8/1
  • Susan Puryear, 4 years on 10/3
  • Kari Bohning, 3 years on 7/12
  • Amy Ford, 3 years on 7/31
  • Katie Ledford, 3 years on 8/1
  • Gabby Gaudette, 2 years on 6/11
  • John Duty, 2 years on 8/1
  • Adrienne Shoaf, 2 years on 8/1
  • Jude Bewlay, 2 years on 9/19
  • Mikayla Zucker, 2 years on 10/19
  • Zach Waddell, 1 year on 9/23


  • Mikayla Zucker 6/1
  • Paige Otos 6/4
  • Amy Ford 6/7
  • Tyler Chambers 6/15
  • Jen Lewis 6/23
  • Katie Ledford 6/30
  • Sue Cannon 7/8
  • Adrienne Shoaf 7/17
  • Dauer Lewis 7/17
  • Joyce Davis 7/27
  • Alesia Husband 8/2
  • Susan Puryear 8/17
  • Rachel Bullock 8/22
  • Laura Bennett 9/4
  • Deetra Watson 9/8
  • Leah Wells 9/17
  • Elizabeth Mauch 10/6
  • Zach Waddell 10/8