As summer comes to a close, the team at Blackman & Sloop has been working hard and playing hard. Here are some of the things that went on at the firm this summer.

Promotions and New Hires: 

Congratulations to Tyler Chambers and Stephen Lau (who were promoted to Senior Tax Associates), Chris Elton (promoted to Tax Manager), and Katie Ledford (promoted to Audit Manager).


NC Mutual Drug Trade Show & Conference
We attended the NC Mutual Drug Trade Show and Conference August 10th. At the conference, Paige Otos and Christy Fasciana presented “Tips and Strategies for Improving Your pharmacy Financial Health.”

Celebrating New CPAs
Congratulations to Kari Bohning, Stephen Lau, and Nate Wicker who were honored at the NCACPA’s 2019 Inauguration as newly licensed CPAs on June 20th.

Recruiting Season Kick-off!
We kicked off college recruiting season by attending UNC-Greensboro’s Meet the Firms event on August 26th. We’re looking forward to being back on campus there at UNC-G on September 17th for interviews!

Volunteerism/Community Events: 

Habitat for Humanity Bull Moon Race
Susan Puryear and Katie Ledford (and friends!) biked 12 miles for Durham’s Habitat for Humanity Bull Moon Race.

Office Happenings: 

Book Club is Now Open!
Summer Book Club kicked off June 17 with Drive by Daniel Pink. Members of the book club just finished up reading and will be leading the staff in small reading groups this Fall.

Happy National Muffin Day!
We celebrated National Blueberry Muffin Day on 7/11.

Cheesecake Bake-Off!
We held a cheesecake bake off contest on 7/30 in honor of National Cheesecake Day. Congratulations to Jen Lewis who won with her chocolate chip cheesecake!

Looking Forward to the Future!
We discussed the “Firm of the Future” in our bi-annual company meeting on July 24th and then headed to Frankie’s Fun World for lunch, laser tag, and lots of games!

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie!
We held a selfie contest during the month of July. The theme was “What I like most about Blackman & Sloop”. Congratulations to the winner, Susan Puryear, whose selfie was taken at our post-company meeting outing at Frankie’s Fun World.

Abs of Steel!
Susan Puryear, Jen Lewis, and Rob Lewis were awarded the “Awesome Ab Award” for holding a five minute plank during the tax season plank challenge.

Employee News (Births, marriages, anniversaries, birthdays): 


Elisa Gover, 6/19 – 40th!

Katie Ledford, 6/30 – 40th!

  • Tyler Chambers, 6/15
  • Amy Ford, 6/7
  • Jen Lewis, 6/23
  • Paige Otos, 6/4
  • Mikayla Zucker, 6/1
  • Joyce Davis, 7/27
  • Vicki Hillis, 7/6
  • Adrienne Shoaf, 7/17
  • Alesia Husband, 8/2
  • Sue Cannon, 7/8
  • Rachel Bullock, 8/22
  • Susan Puryear, 8/17

Work Anniversaries:

  • Carla Daniel, 36 years on 6/30
  • Gabby Eagle, 1 year on 6/11
  • Andrea Eason, 26 years on 7/19
  • Joan Pharr, 41 years on 7/3
  • Kari Bohning, 2 years on 7/12
  • Amy Ford, 2 years on 7/31
  • Candy Kirby, 35 years on 7/30
  • Deetra Watson, 14 years on 8/1
  • Joe Beaudin, 5 years on 8/29
  • Tyler Chambers, 3 years on 8/1
  • John Duty, 1 year on 8/1
  • Adrienne Shoaf, 1 year on 8/1
  • Elisa Gover, 4 years on 8/26
  • Ben Johnson, 7 years on 8/27
  • Katie Ledford, 2 years on 8/1
  • Rob Lewis, 21 years on 8/17
  • Paige Otos, 4 years on 8/3