HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is what the firm has been up to since our last newsletter.

Promotions and New Hires: 

Ben Buckner joined the team as a Tax Manager on October 24th.  Welcome, Ben!


We attended the Center For Non-Profits Conference in Durham on November 2nd and 3rd. Our own Elizabeth Mauch presented during a workshop on “Nonprofit Legal Compliance”.

Looking ahead, Blackman & Sloop will be hosting our second annual Summer Leadership Conference for college students interested in a career in accounting on May 16-17. More information can be found here:  https://b-sadvisors.com/careers/students/

Volunteerism/Community Events

In November, we hosted an office-wide Food Drive for TABLE.

In December, we collected gifts for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle and held our annual “wrapping party” in the office.

On November 11th, we attended the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle’s Big Night Ball.

Office Happenings:

On Halloween, we celebrated with a pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, and chili cook off!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in the office with a potluck lunch.

On December 9th, we combined some work and play at our annual company meeting and holiday lunch at Mez Contemporary Mexican Restaurant.

After enjoying the holidays, our wellness committee organized a hike to kick off 2023 at the Eno River on January 7th.

Employee News (Births, marriages, anniversaries, birthdays): 

We are excited and honored to announce that Blackman & Sloop is turning 50 this year!!!! Be on the lookout for some fun weekly flashbacks on social media. Our original office was on Franklin Street, in the NCNB Plaza. Judging by the UNC signs on the windows, this picture had to be taken during March Madness!


  • Susan Puryear – 6 years on October 3rd
  • Laura Bennett – 4 years on November 1st
  • Sue Cannon – 28 years on November 7th
  • Kerry Walker – 1 year on November 17th
  • Neely McLaughlin – 39 years on December 1st
  • Christy Fasciana – 7 years on December 1st
  • Jennipher Branch – 1 year on December 6th
  • Trish Distler – 3 years on January 6th
  • Robin McDuffie – 44 years on January 8th
  • Chad Huckabee – 6 years on January 23rd
  • Joyce Davis – 10 years on January 28th
  • Scott Hartman – 8 years on January 28th



  • Elizabeth Mauch – October 6th
  • Zach Waddell – October 8th
  • Donna Mounce – 60 years young on November 16th
  • Jude Bewlay – 60 years young on November 17th
  • Nicolle Stewart – December 2nd
  • Andrew Olson – December 4th
  • Robin McDuffie – December 6th
  • Nate Wicker – December 8th
  • Ben Johnson – December 22nd
  • Carla Daniel – January 4th
  • Joan Pharr – January 22nd
  • Andrea Eason – January 23rd
  • Christy Fasciana – 40 years young on January 23rd