Fall is here and we are gearing up for the holidays. Here’s what has been happening at the firm since our last newsletter.

Promotions and New Hires:

Heather Fullagar joined us as a Senior Tax Associate on 8/29.

Heather Fullagar

Derek Haenke joined us as Manager of Employee Success on 8/29.

Derek Haenke

Our former summer intern Logan Miller-DeBrosky joined us as a Business Advisory Associate on 9/7.

Logan Miller DeBrosky FT

Our former summer intern Andrew Olson joined us as a Tax Associate on 9/19.

Andrew Olson

Laura Bennett was promoted to Tax Senior Manager and Katie Ledford was promoted to Audit Senior Manager. Congratulations Laura and Katie!

Zach Waddell was promoted to Business Advisory Senior Associate. Congratulations Zach!


We kicked off college recruiting season in August and are so happy to be back in person on college campuses! We had great visits with students at UNC-Greensboro, NC State University, Elon University, North Carolina Central University and Campbell University. Added bonus for Laura Bennett: talking with her favorite student at Campbell, her son Gabe!

Volunteerism/Community Events:

On August 23rd, we volunteered with the Public School Foundation of Chapel Hill and Carrboro Schools by sorting supplies for their Teacher Supply Store.

Office Happenings:

On September 20th, we enjoyed an amazing Lobster Roll lunch courtesy of our own Maine native Jennipher Branch who was kind enough to supply the lobster straight from Maine!

Lobster Rob Adrienne Lobstah

We had a great time at our Company Meeting on August 3rd and 4th, mixing some work with play whether it was axe throwing, golf, or games at Frankie’s Fun World.

Happy Anniversary! 

  • Deetra Watson – 8/1 – 17 years
  • Tyler Chambers – 8/1 – 6 years
  • Katie Ledford – 8/1 – 5 years
  • Adrienne Collins – 8/1 – 4 years
  • Paige Otos – 8/3 – 7 years
  • Rob Lewis – 8/17 – 24 years
  • Ben Johnson – 8/27 – 10 years
  • Joe Beaudin – 8/29 – 8 years
  • Nicolle Stewart – 9/1 – 1 year
  • Jude Bewlay – 9/19 – 4 years
  • Zach Waddell – 9/23 – 3 years

Happy Birthday!

  • Derek Haenke – 8/10
  • Susan Puryear – 8/17
  • Heather Fullagar – 8/20
  • Rachel Bullock – 8/22
  • Laura Bennett – 50 years young on 9/4

Laura 50th 2

  • Deetra Watson – 9/8