The world has gone through some pretty big changes this spring! Our team has continued to work hard to bring top quality service as we navigate the new normal of doing business. Here is what we have been up to since our last newsletter.

Promotions and New Hires: 

Congratulations to Leah Wells and Yusif Al-yemeni who graduated from North Carolina State University’s MAC program in May! We are super excited to have them join the Blackman & Sloop team later this summer.

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Volunteerism/Community Events:

On April 28th we celebrated National Pay It Forward Day with uplifting messages and random acts of kindness. One of our firm’s core values is to PAY IT FORWARD, so naturally, participating in Pay It Forward Day was a no-brainer. This core value fuels our passion for making a difference in the communities where we live and work.

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Office Happenings: 

In times of crisis, the prospect of a career transition can be intimidating. But if that transition led to a more stable, fulfilling career, would you want to hear more about it?

Many firms are struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but Blackman & Sloop is stronger than ever. Our workforce is expanding, our clients depend on us, and our team is filled with positive, hard-working individuals just like you.

Right now, we are hiring for these open positions. If you’re considering a change, it may be time to consider Blackman & Sloop.

We’ll also be on campus virtually this fall! Be sure to connect with your school to see when Blackman & Sloop will hold virtual events.

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Safety is our top priority!  As part of our Phase I re-entry to the office, The Budd Group recently came in to disinfect all surfaces throughout our office. In addition, they applied a protective surface spray – PRO-TECHS ANTIMICROBIAL SURFACE SPRAY. This spray is a preventative remedy against germs and viruses. We want anyone who comes into our office in the future to feel safe and comfortable, which is why we are taking the steps to make our environment as clean as possible. During Phase One of reopening, we continue to have a limited number of staff in the office at one time, and we are not yet open to the public. We’ve truly missed our clients but want to take every precaution to keep both our clients and employees safe. We will open as soon as we feel it is safe, and will keep you up to date!

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Employee News: 

Congratulations to Alesia Husband and her husband, Jason! Aaron Nicholas was born April 6th weighing  7lbs, 9oz and measuring 19 inches long.

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Congratulations to Dauer Lewis and his fiancée Sarah, who got engaged over Memorial Day weekend!

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Work Anniversaries:

  • May 20 – Rachel Bullock, 1 Year
  • June 11 – Gabby Gaudette, 2 years
  • June 16 – Dauer Lewis, 5 years
  • June 30 – Carla Daniel, 37 years


  • May 4 – Candy Kirby
  • June 1 – Mikayla Zucker
  • June 4 – Paige Otos
  • June 7 – Amy Ford
  • June 15 – Tyler Chambers
  • June 23 – Jen Lewis
  • June 30 – Katie Ledford