Just because tax season is over doesn’t mean things quiet down at Blackman & Sloop. Check out what we’ve been up to in and out of the office.


Welcoming New Faces!

Rachel Farmer joined us as a Summer Intern. Rachel did rotations in the Tax, Audit, and Business Advisory departments.

After completing an internship with Blackman & Sloop in 2017, Gabby Gaudette joined our Audit and Tax Departments full-time on June 11, 2018.

Tom Flanagan, Senior Audit, June 18.  Tom comes to us from Massachusetts.

Susan Fenwick, July 11. Susan worked in our seasonal group this past tax season and is now full-time with us in Business Advisory.


TWICE AS NICE! Top 100 Accounting Firms to Work For

We are thrilled to have been named one of the Top 100 Accounting Firms to Work For by Accounting Today for the second year in a row!


Wine Tasting/Meet the Firm with Old Peak Financial

On July 19th, the firm held a wine tasting and meet the firm event with Old Peak Financial. We had so much fun networking and blind-tasting wines from Italy and the United States.

Non Profit Insider Seminar

Thank you to everyone that attended our Nonprofit Insider Seminar on July 24th! The event focused on the impact of the New Financial Reporting Standards on nonprofits.

NCACPA Inauguration Dinner

Congratulations to Tyler Chambers on receiving his CPA certification at the 2018 NCACPA’s CPA Inauguration dinner in Winston-Salem, NC.

Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries


Tom Flanagan, July 22nd – 30 years old!

  • Paige Otos, June 4th
  • Amy Ford, June 7th
  • Tyler Chambers, June 15th
  • Elisa Gover, June 19th
  • Jen Lewis, June 23rd
  • Katie Ledford, June 30th
  • Susan Fenwick, June 30th
  • Vicki Hillis, July 6th
  • Sue Cannon, July 8th
  • Dauer Lewis, July 17th
  • Joyce Davis, July 27th


  • Dauer Lewis 3 years on June 16th
  • Carla Daniel 35 years on June 30th
  • Joan Pharr 40 years on July 3rd
  • Kari Bohning 1 year on July 12th
  • Andrea Eason 25 years on July 19th
  • Candy Kirby 34 years on July 30th
  • Amy Ford 1 year on July 31st