As a business leader, there are so many aspects that need your attention. So where do you focus your energy? In a new article from Inc. magazine, entrepreneur Martin Zwilling gives tips for becoming an effective and successful business leader.

“Move from leading tasks to managing relationships,” Zwilling advises. “Some leaders are so focused on work, goals, and activities that they lose their knack for driving relationships and processes. This requires providing encouragement, support, and communicating that your job is to help make their work great.”

Keep your cool during disagreements and welcome different opinions. Rather than getting defensive, find out why someone else disagrees, and don’t be afraid to admit if the other person has a legitimate point.

Be mindful of the messages you’re sending – verbal and nonverbal. What you, as the leader, say is more important than you may be aware. A casual remark from you could be taken seriously and cause worry or consternation, and can be misinterpreted. Consider your body language during conversations. What are you telling people you talk with? Are your arms crossed, with a bored look on your face? Effective communication is imperative as a business leader.

These are a few of Martin Zwilling’s “10 Tips to Survive and Thrive as a Business Leader Today.” To read more, see his full article from Inc.