Holiday shopping season goes into full gear this week, as consumers and retailers prepare for Black Friday. Whether you’ve meticulously planned out your purchases or you just wing it and buy everything on December 23rd, you might want to consult this list of the 15 Worst Things to Buy During the Holidays. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Jewelry: Even though it’s a popular holiday gift item, prices usually remain higher throughout the holidays and until Valentine’s Day. It’s recommended that buyers wait for the after-Valentine’s Day sales.
  • Furniture: New styles are usually released in February, so stores are more likely to further discount furniture stock after the holidays.
  • Exercise equipment: As New Year’s Resolution time rolls around, fitness equipment gets heavily discounted. If you can wait until January, you’ll probably snag a better deal.
  • Luggage: The best luggage deals are said to be found in March, after the holiday rush but before summer travelers start buying the new inventory.
  • Cars: If you’ve been wanting to get a new car and you want to make your purchase around the holidays, wait until New Year’s Eve, when auto dealers are trying to push out inventory to make room for the upcoming year’s models. You’re more likely to get a good deal than if you buy before Christmas.

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