Millennial employees have the potential to be great sources of new ideas and innovation for your company. All it takes is a little guidance to help get their creative juices flowing. Here are a few ways to encourage this workforce demographic to get creative:

Simplify it.

Can the voices of your employees be heard? In a lot of organizations, millennial voices fall on deaf ears. Take the time to audit your company’s communication process. If there are unnecessary middlemen in the communication equation, consider removing them to streamline communication and increase efficiency. Don’t make employees jump through hoops to share their ideas.

No-judgement zone.

Open communication and brainstorming are a normal part of a successful company culture, and Millennials thrive in this type of work environment. However, they will not pursue brainstorming sessions without the cue from management. Be cognizant of how you handle employee suggestions. Don’t blatantly shut them down or you may discourage certain employees from sharing their thoughts.

Allow anonymity.

While most employers think that Millennials are typically outspoken and brash, the truth is, a large portion of this generation is introverted and shy. It is important to take their needs into consideration by allowing ideas to be submitted anonymously. The fear of rejection or embarrassment is enough to scare introverts away from sharing their innovative ideas.

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