Here is what the firm has been up to since our last newsletter.

New Hires: 

  • Trent Herndon joined on February 7th as a Business Advisory Senior Associate
  • Noah Tessau & Roger Lewis joined on February 12th as Seasonal Tax Administrative Associates
  • Terri Knotts joined on March 4th as a Senior Tax Associate

Conferences / Seminars / Events:

Throughout the past few months, we’ve hit the road visiting local college campuses! On January 30th, we participated in the NCSU Accounting Networking Night. Subsequently, on February 21st, we attended ECU’s “Employer in the Foyer”.

Employee News: 

 Work Anniversaries

9 years

Jennifer Lewis — February 23

8 years

Elizabeth Mauch — February 3

3 years

Donna Mounce — February 23

2 years

Keke Lassiter-Farrington — February 1

2 years

Andrew Olson — February 16

1 year

Courtney Murphy — March 13


February 4

Laura Fletcher

February 8

Jasmine Wright

February 11

Scott Hartman & Rob Lewis

February 15

Chris Cook

February 19

Sal Ninivaggi

February 25

Joe Beaudin

March 12

Jocelyn Strong

March 13

Neely McLaughlin

March 23

Keke Lassiter-Farrington

March 26

Chad Huckabee

Celebrating Keke’s 30th birthday on March 23rd!


Employee Spotlight: The Women of Blackman & Sloop

This month’s employee spotlight is dedicated to the women in our firm, who we celebrated in March in honor of Women’s History Month! Check out any of our social media platforms to learn more about these wonderful women.




Office Happenings:

In January, our year kicked off with an energetic start as we engaged in a firm-wide Move Challenge, promoting health and fitness among our team. Congratulations to our top three individuals, Shanita Walker, Jocelyn Strong, and Carla Daniel, as well as our winning team, Purple!

Later in the month, on January 25th, we took a moment to celebrate National Fun at Work Day, indulging in games and a well-deserved happy hour to strengthen team camaraderie.

As February rolled around, we embraced the spirit of celebration once again, marking National Margarita Day on February 22nd with delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Additionally, we came together to shower Jasmine with love and well wishes at her wedding shower on February 19th, sharing in the joy of this special occasion.

Throughout February, we also dedicated time to recognize and appreciate the contributions of our team members, showcasing their achievements and support on our Appreciation Month Wall.

These events not only added excitement and enjoyment to our days but also strengthened the bonds within our team!