This article explains that the Biden Administration has proposed a federal gas tax holiday in order to help US citizens with the current gasoline prices. Unfortunately, Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said “if a gas tax holiday coincides with rising wholesale fuel prices, consumers won’t see much of an impact at the pump because the tax move would be offset by the higher cost.” The national average for gas was over $5 but with the tax holiday in place, it is now sitting at a $4.94 national average. Hourly wage workers’ pockets are hurting with gas prices being so high as “roughly 81% said higher gas prices have had a negative effect on their ability to pay for basic necessities.” In order to help save as much as possible, try tracking gas prices with an app for help finding the cheapest prices, pay with cash, carpool, and sign up for loyalty programs. For more information on how to save on fuel, click the link!

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