Blockchain technology is beginning to appear in every industry. At first glance, blockchain is a database that has a lot of potential in finance and business. With the recent and sudden growth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology could become even bigger.

In an article from Forbes, author Bernard Marr writes, “Recent developments in the bitcoin economy – an economy currently valued at close to $70 billion – have demonstrated some of the fundamental characteristics of blockchain-based applications”.

In this article Marr discusses:

  • Bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • Blockchain split
  • Why this is important if you don’t use bitcoin

Marr continues, “Since its inception many have predicted that Bitcoin would be nothing more than a flash-in-the-pan – after all, something as monumental as disrupting the fiat-based, global system of currencies and commerce was always likely to produce excessive skepticism. But it’s continued evolution and growth demonstrate that the underlying principle of blockchain is only beginning to show its full potential”.  Can your business benefit from blockchain technology?

To read more, see the full article from Bernard Marr in Forbes.