Growing your network is one of the most important skills anyone can have in the business world. But how are you supposed to network when you hate networking? Surprisingly, it is easier than you think!

In an article from Entrepreneur author Jonathan Jarvis writes, “I’ve personally learned that networking is not so bad after all, and it can actually bring you some meaningful, new relationships”.

In the article Jarvis discusses:

  • Setting a goal
  • Play a game for luck
  • Don’t talk about work
  • Slide into a group conversation
  • Follow up

Jarvis continues, “However you choose to connect with new people and build your network, remember this: In an increasingly digital world, taking a step into the physical world for real live relationship-building goes a long way in helping you stand out and forge connections that matter”. How do you use your networking skills to become a better professional?

To read more, see the full article from Jonathan Jarvis in Entrepreneur.